In the beginning....

Crossfit GSL was originally created as Crossfit Great Salt Lake by 3 friends.  They were passionate about fitness and the Crossfit way of accomplishing those goals.

They felt like they took GSL as far as they could.

And after 4 years of ownership, the founding 3 , sold to Jason and Scott

A Middle...

Jason and Scott took over.

Jason took on the backend role while Scott spearheaded the coaching and delivery of the workouts.

Scott took on some other roles in his personal life and needed to exit, so Jason took on the role as the fearless leader.

Jason loves the GSL community and his actions always support that love.

The End of the Middle

Then insert John into the picture.  John has worked with over 150 CrossFit gyms with his tax and accounting firm and he saw an opportunity with CrossFit GSL.

An opportunity to make a great CrossFit experience even better!

So Jason and John are now the owners of Crossfit GSL.  And GSL now stands for Grit, Strength, and Life.

Their goal is to deliver the best one hour each day for all the GSL community.


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