Scott Cable

Scott Cable

Massage Therapist


Scott grew up mostly in Great Falls, Montana. He found powerlifting his Junior year of high school and participated in a local powerlifting competition his senior year. He received an Associates of Science from MSU GF and was hoping to pursue exercise science and personal training. But instead, life brought him to Orem, Utah in 2016 to become a massage therapist; graduating from the Professional program at the Utah College of Massage Therapy in May 2017, and completing the Master Bodyworker Program August 2017 . Scott was introduced to CrossFit in 2017 by his older brother who had introduced him to powerlifting in highschool. Understanding the aches and pains of lifting, he hopes to apply his fitness experience with massage therapy to better understand his clients and be efficient in his work.


  • Sports/ Injury/ Deep Tissue Massage
  • What is the price of a massage?

    $30/30min | $60/60min | $90/90min | $120/120min

  • How do I setup an appointment?

    Available 10am-8pm; Contact through text/call @ (406)750-1540; Or email

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