Sarah Puig-Holzman

Sarah Puig-Holzman

Nutrition Coach


Sarah was born in Houston, Texas and spent most of her childhood there, before moving to Chico, California where she realized she loved the mountains and eventually made her way to Utah. But, if you get her talking about something she’s passionate about, such as health and wellness, you may hear her Texan accent come out! Sarah has been in Utah since 2013. During this time, she attended The University of Utah and earned her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition and completed all Pre-Med Courses. Although she initially thought her passion for helping people would be in the Hospital, she soon realized it was to help prevent people from having to BE in the hospital. She believes that choosing to create a lifestyle where health is a top priority allows individuals to harness their best self. Sarah has qualified for the Boston Marathon numerous times and has participated in it twice. She still enjoys a morning spent trail running in the mountains, but her focus has shifted more towards sustainability and longevity for her body, which is where climbing, CrossFit, overall wellness, and nutrition come in to play. Sarah hopes her excitement and passion for exercise and eating real, wholesome food can help empower and inspire others in the community to recognizer they have the ability to be their own agent of change.

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