Dana Howell

Dana Howell

Certified Coach


Dana first learned about Crossfit from a close friend in November of 2011. After playing D2 college volleyball in Colorado she was doing any and all activities she could find that were not only fun but challenging as well. From rock climbing to ultimate frisbee with friends, she was seeking to fulfill her competitive spirit and push her personal limits. Dana’s friend told her that she would love Crossfit and that friend was absolutely right. Over the last several years, Dana has honed her skills as a Crossfit athlete. She has qualified for Crossfit Regionals as an individual multiple times and in the 2018 Crossfit games, the team she competed on place 18th. Outside of the gym, which she has made a point to do more frequently, Dana enjoys anything that gives her the chance to be outdoors. She has taken the fitness that she has developed through Crossfit and applies it to other activities, such as backpacking, mountain biking and rock climbing. On a nice Utah day she can be found somewhere in the mountains relishing the sunshine! Being with close friends and family always tops her list of favorite activities.


  • CrossFit Level 1

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