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Boobs and bros

CrossFit Great Salt Lake – WOD

3 rounds
21 cal row
15 bench press (65%)
9 box jumps

rest 5 minutes

4 min AMRAP

***dont use chalk today… or sweat 🙂 We are keeping the gym spick and span for the meet tomorrow!

Metcon (Time)

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

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CrossFit Great Salt Lake – WOD

5×3 Back squat (add 5 lbs)
5×3 Front squat (add 5 lbs)

4×10 Back rack walking lunges (take 10-15 lbs off from last week)

Back Squat (5×3)

Front Squat (5×3)

Back Rack Lunge (4×10)

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Sunshine and guns

CrossFit Great Salt Lake – WOD Double Unders OHS 135/95 Ring MU