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Crossfit Great Salt Lake / July 31, 2013 at 05:34PM

Thursday August 1st

5×5 behind the neck push press

3 rounds
10 jerks 135/95
20 toes to bar

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Crossfit Great Salt Lake / July 30, 2013 at 07:51PM

Wednesday July 31st

Skill- MUSCLE UPS! Come in and work with the Boss and Leisa on some muscle ups! Or Coach Kyle at night.

12 Minutes
Even Minutes- Pushups
Odd Minutes- 5 Deadlifts at 275/185

Your score is your pushups. Pushups are regular, not crossfit standard. NO HAND RELEASE ALLOWED. Sorry wormers.

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Crossfit Great Salt Lake / July 29, 2013 at 11:51AM

Tuesday July 30th

Back Squats- 10 @ 60%, 8@ 65%, 8@ 70%, 8@ 75%, 6 80%

3 Rounds
10 Power Snatch 95/65
5 Ring Dips
200 M Run

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Crossfit Great Salt Lake / July 28, 2013 at 03:10PM

Monday July 29th

12 Minutes to establish todays max clean and jerk
then every minute on the minute for 6 minutes complete 1 clean and jerk at 90%. Focus on form.

2 Rounds
800 M Run
12 Front squats 185/135
10 Chest to bar pullups

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Crossfit Great Salt Lake / July 25, 2013 at 09:08PM

Hey all!
This Saturday and Sunday (July 26th and 27th) Crossfit GSL will be closed. There will be no yoga and no wods on Saturday due to the GLMR ride that Coach Z is putting on and GSL is participating in. If you are looking for something to do you have the following options:
A) run a 5k
B) 12 min AMRAP of:
12 burpees
14 push-ups
16 squats
18 sit-ups
C) 100 burpees for time

They all sound delightful:)

If a bunch of you do the burpees for time and submit your time to me (with honor), we will give the winner a Shaker bottle.

Those of you that have bikes and want to participate in the GLMR, please reach out to Chelsea or Zach.

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Crossfit Great Salt Lake / July 25, 2013 at 08:56AM

Who is ready for an amazing closing to the summer? (no one wants summer to end so that’s not what I am saying Leisa)

We are going to have a Crossfit GSL camping trip! Friday August 23rd to Sunday August 25th. You can come up for both nights, one night, a day picnic and hike, or if you aren’t very fun, not at all:)
We will be camping in the Uintahs. I am not 100% on the spot yet, as I need to know who all will be going and how many trailers and such.
More info to come, I just wanted to put it out there and see who is interested. Also, I don’t mean to sound mean, but everyone will need to bring there own food and drinks. We are an awesome gym guys, but not loaded:)

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Crossfit Great Salt Lake / July 25, 2013 at 08:48AM

Hey all!!!

On September 14th, Crossfit GSL is sponsoring an event for the Fisher House. It is a golf tournament. It is teams of four and it is a scramble, so if you suck, oh well!
This is being held at the Stonebridge Golf Course in West Valley. This is a GREAT event for a great cause. And our very own 6AM’er Billy is helping put it on. The cost is 79 per person, but as long as we get 12 it is only 69. If we can get 20+ the price will possibly go down another 10.
I need your name and phone number on the list on my desk if you are planning to sign up. That way Billy can get us all signed up under GSL for the discounted price. Please talk to me with any questions! So far I have these people who are signing up. If your name isn’t on the list, please let me know! I need your phone number as well.

Matt P
Jeff P
Steve Smith

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Crossfit Great Salt Lake / July 25, 2013 at 08:43AM

Friday July 26th

A) 3×1 3 position snatch (high hang, hang, full snatch)
B) 5×1 snatch from the worst place (you will for on the position that is the hardest for you)

3 Rounds
25 M Sled Push (185/135)
10 Back Extensions
25 M Sled Push
10 GHD Situps

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Crossfit Great Salt Lake / July 24, 2013 at 07:52PM

Thursday July 25th

3×8 narrow grip bench press
3×3 pause back squats

2 rounds
100 double unders
50 wall ball shots
3 muscle ups

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Crossfit Great Salt Lake / July 24, 2013 at 06:37PM

CrossFit-JournalPOST Growing Up CrossFit – Gauntlet events showcase how CrossFit Kids encourages lifelong fitness through fun rather than cutthroat competition. Shea-Lynn Gioia is 12. She traveled eight hours to compete in her first CrossFit event. Shea, her parents, and her coach made the trip to CrossFit Firepower, a hub for CrossFit Kids seminars in Milton, Ont. Shea is joining 30 other kids aged 12-18 for one of the first CrossFit Kids Gauntlet competitions held o…