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Hang Power Clean 4×4

For time:
100 Double Unders
80 Situp
60 Wall Ball Shot 20/14
40 Burpees
20 Box Jump 36/30

Some instructional on double-unders from the master himself:

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Overhead Squat 5×3

12 Min AMRAP
10 1 Arm OHS 53/35
10 Wall Facing Burpees
5 Strict Pullups

A little overhead squat with kettle-bell instruction

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15 minutes to develop 1 rep max split jerk

4 rounds for time:
300 m row
7 squat cleans 175/115

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To members and friends thinking about joining CrossFit,

Every Saturday at 9am and 10am we hold workout of the day (WOD) for all. We cater this to our members and scale down for the ‘first timers’ that have never been in CF gym before. Bring your friends, bring your momma. It’s always a great time and a good way to start off your Saturday.

[Additional info to share with your friends]

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program used by service men/
women, police, fire fighters, professional and amateur athletes as well as
grandmothers. Every workout is scalable.

Constantly Varied – Variance helps us avoid plateaus, keeps us safe and
makes exercise fun.
Functional Movement – Multi-joint multi-muscle. These compound
movements are found in nature (pick up a sack of flour = deadlift). They
are safe, efficient and delivers measurable returns on our efforts in the
High Intensity – Important only after the following equation is mastered
(think Virtuosity): Mechanics < Consistency < Intensity. This is the single
most important variable in the success of any pursuit; working hard, with
intention provides high level results. How much result have you seen spending an hour on an eliptical, while watching TV???

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For time:
1 Mile Run
21 Clean and Jerks 155/105
800 M Run
21 Clean and Jerks 155/105
1 Mile Run

***when you see running, and feel the fear… You know you need to come in!

While Steve Prefontain may lead you to believe that a suicide pace is preferable, today we are looking for more of a measured approach. When we run repeats, often it is best to aim for a consistent, if not dropping split time every interval. One could get really exercise nerdy and talk about percentage of max pace and all, but you can get a very good workout and improve your fitness by learning how to incrementally increase your speed across each run.

Just for posterity, here are some World Class 400m sprint times (note: do not compare your repeats to this, lest you want to be a sad sad person):

1. 47.60 Marita Koch, East Germany, 6 October 1985, Canberra
2. 47.99 Jarmila Kratochvílová, Czechoslovakia, 10 August 1983, Helsinki
3. 48.25 Marie-José Pérec, France, 29 July 1996, Atlanta

1. 43.18 Michael Johnson United States, 26 August 1999, Seville
2. 43.29 Harry ‘Butch’ Reynolds United States 17 August 1988, Zürich
3. 43.45 Jeremy Wariner, United States, 31 August 2007, Osaka

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5×5 back squat

4 rounds
30 Situps
20 KBS 70/53
5 overhead squat 135/95



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XWOD Episode: 08 from Ryan Moody on Vimeo.

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15 Min
Muscle Up work


::13 Min AMRAP::
3 Muscle Ups
10 Burpees
10 Wall Ball Shots (2,4,1)

Dear members new to CrossFit,

I just want to share a little message about perseverance. If you are discouraged, I was there once myself. It was so hard! I started with rubber bands, I could not RX for months, and the girls always beat me. They still do and you know what, I love it. For some reason I looked forward to the WOD every day. I couldnt wait for it to be posted for the next day. When I found out what the WOD was I couldnt wait to conquer it, shave some time off the clock and do it all with my crossfit family and friends. If you continue to give it your all and do not quit, even in that moment you feel like giving up, push forward. Remember REMEMBER:

There is absolutely no substitute for high intensity and hard work. (You wont get the   same results on treadmill)
The key to success is consistency.
Make the WOD (workout of the day) a habit and make your health/foods
and fitness your priority.
• Results are not guaranteed, they are earned.

You all inspire me every day when I see you walk through that door to become better and get in the best shape of your life. At CrossFit we aim to increase your performance in all areas of fitness; 1. cardiovascular/respiratory endurance 2. stamina 3. strength 4. flexibility 5. power 6. speed 7. agility 8. balance 9. coordination, and 10. accuracy

You can’t get this training anywhere else, and especially not without our amazing Chelsea, David, Trevor, and Greg.

Someone once told me when I first started CrossFit that “It will hurt. It will take time. It will require dedication. It will require WILLPOWER. You will need to Stop eating sugar, while lowering your starch and carb intake.” WHAT??? Yeah, So I did. It requires sacrifice and you will need to push your body to it’s max. There WILL be temptation. But, I promise you, when you reach your goal, IT IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT.

Keep up the good work friends,
—Coach Zach

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There is only a 9AM WOD…. Will be a great time!

Remember the finals WOD at the games a few weeks ago?!… Bring it on baby.

Modified Elizabeth (15.12.9 Power Cleans, Ring Dips) Rest…
Modified Isabel (20 Power Snatches 135/95) Rest…
Modified Fran (15.12.9 Thrusters, Pullups)