Our Facility

CrossFit GSL Tour

Come in and see for yourself how great this place is!


We offer 9,000 square feet of space!

  • Great equipment! Weights, bars, kettle-bells, a 60 foot pull-up RIG, 6 climbing ropes, GHD’s and much more.
  • A dedicated weightlifting area with dedicated weightlifting classes, available for members to lift, practice, and use during open gym time.
  • We offer over 75 classes every week, taught by our awesome CrossFit certified instructors.
  • Three bathrooms and three SHOWERS. (Most CrossFit locations do not have showers)
  • Kids play area, dedicated for our members little ones, so that our members can still work out even if they have kids.

  • FIVE STARS! I have been to several other CrossFits and this one is the cleanest, biggest and has the most qualified trainers. The programming is fantastic. I love the structure and variety of endurance and strength. Every trainer wants to help and see you succeed and encourage you. Best way to workout and place to do it!

  • I never realized how good I had it until I moved and tried another box… and another… and another. I’ve visited close to 2 dozen boxes all over the US and this is by far the best one I’ve seen. It really is the complete package: incredible coaches, rockstar-competitive programming, well equipped spacious and clean gym. Can we clone this one please??

  • Love this gym, couldn’t have any more quality trainers and owners. They take the time to correct and never judge. The GSL community is one of the best crossfit communities that I have come across. I LOVE THIS GYM!


CrossFit Great Salt Lake Pictures & Video Stream

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