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What is CrossFit and why should I choose your program over a gym membership?


At CrossFit GSL, you’ll have a coach, demonstrating correct movement patterns and helping point out ways to improve. A good coach will know when to push you and help you see your potential. We help hundreds of clients each week change and improve their life, in and outside of the gym.

Results are not guaranteed, they’re earned.


Our community helps encourage you and challenge you to improve. Our members matter and help ensure you stay on track. You’ll be surrounded by people who are right there with you, working hard.

“I came from another fantastic box, but having been to Crossfit GSL and worked with the trainers here, I will NEVER go to another box again! The amount of knowledge, passion and love for crossfit the trainers have is beyond amazing! .” —Allie Ackerman, Facebook Review
“I love it. Going to this place is changing my life. The trainers are great and it is a wonderful atmosphere. I feel like I am part of a family.” —David Hanson, Facebook Review

Getting Started

CrossFit Fundamentals Program

Our coaches are dedicated to making the introduction process for our strength and conditioning program as smooth as possible. Each new client is taken through a three-week program, totaling 8 training days (based on competency) that are aimed at getting you started on your CrossFit journey.

The CrossFit program is infinitely scalable, meaning its for any fitness level. Our goal in FUNdamentals is to educate you first, then challenge you to change. Anyone can do CrossFit, but it’s not for everyone. You have to be ready to change your perceptions of exercise and be ready to drastically improve your fitness all while becoming a member of an amazing community.

You’ve been warned, CROSSFIT MAY BE ADDICTIVE. You may make friends by joining; You may change your life; You may love the way you feel!

Get the Ball Rolling! >

If you sign up, you’re first two workouts are free. Come check it out, meet our trainers and check out the gym (we call it a box) and experience CrossFit Great Salt Lake. The first two sessions of FUNdamentals will only cost you $25.00, if you decide to join this amount will be credited towards your first month of membership. If you decide after 2 days of training that it’s just not for you, no hard feelings, we won’t charge you any more (note: you must let us know that you’re not coming back).

One more thing! If you would like to try out a free workout at our gym, we hold a fun trial class every Saturday morning at 9am. You may register for this through the same form below. Feel free to invite friends and family too!

Private Fundamentals >

CrossFit can be intimidating and appear out of reach to many people. This is a myth and our fundamentals process should dispel that right away. Regardless of your current fitness level, we will get you setup for success starting with your first day of FUNdaments. By the time you graduate you should be ready to join the group class and mix it up with our veteran clients. You’ll know the moves. You’ll know the lingo. You’ll be ready to go.

If you prefer a more one on one approach, our private FUNdaments sessions might be the right place for you. Please connect with our head trainer, Chelsea Rupp to schedule private sessions.


Our program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. Our clients are diverse, including weekend warriors, parents, students, grandparents, those with diseases like MS or heart disease, MMA fighters and individuals with artificial limbs.

This means is that every day there is a particular workout prescribed (you’ll often see this written as Rx’ed) for everybody that comes in to CrossFit GSL. Rather than having one workout for older women and another for hardcore athletes – there’s ONE workout each day that is completely scalable based on your skill.

“We’re not just for the already fit- we’re for regular people ready to make a change.” – Matt Whitehead




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Come See Us! or CALL us to Schedule a Consultation. 801.810.4751

Directions to CrossFit GSL
Exit 11400 S and i-15. Drive east to State Street and turn right (south). You will find us on the East side of state. South east side of building, back behind AVI.

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11585 S State Street, STE# 112
Draper, UT 84020

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