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Your employees are your greatest asset. When your employees feel healthy and happy, your business is healthier, too. Not only are healthy employees more attentive, their productivity and morale are enhanced.

Studies show that employees who exercise incur 31% lower health care costs than those who don’t.

Other benefits of a corporate wellness program include:

  • Decreased absenteeism
  • More focused and energetic employees
  • Reduced health care costs and insurance claims

Why do I need a corporate wellness program?

  • Healthy, productive employees are a company’s greatest asset!
  • Over half of all employees have poor nutrition, are not exercising, have high stress levels and high cholesterol.
  • Physically inactive employees are absent 118% more than active employees.
  • Extensive studies have shown that exercise helps employees achieve higher mental concentration, feelmore alert, and improves reaction time, memory and decision-making ability. They enjoy work more than non-participants and it boosts their morale.
  • Exercise induces sounder sleep.
  • Unhealthy employees have higher health care costs than healthy employees.
  • Reduce total health care costs: in terms of medical claims, the American Journal of Health Promotion found that physically active employees are $391 less expensive than inactive workers each year.

As leaders in fitness it is our duty to supply individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to change their lives. There is no better place to influence a large group of people than inside modern-day corporate America.

Many of these hard-working individuals are unhealthy, unhappy, overworked, and have high stress levels. All of these increase a person’s likelihood of falling victim to illness as well as negatively affecting the corporation’s productivity, morale, and medical costs. Employees’ most common excuses for not exercising are that they can’t find the time or the money to go to the gym. A corporate “wellness” program defies this mentality by bringing the workout to them, making it a common part of the corporate culture, and increasing employees’ overall fitness and wellness.

A healthy lifestyle in a corporate setting will always lead to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and a much more energetic environment.

CrossFit GSL offers Corporate Wellness programs tailored to meet your organizations’ specific needs. A range of services can be included in your company’s program including:

  • Comprehensive customized programs or simply discounted memberships.
  • Off Site Group Exercise. Exercise is scaled to individual fitness levels.
  • Nutrition Education such as Lunch and Learn seminars, On-site Q&A sessions, or e-mailed education/newsletters.
  • Pre and Post Fitness Benchmarks including Weight, Fitness Level assessments, BodyMetrix, body scanning
  • Team building sessions
  • Individual Goal Setting
  • Participation reports

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